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More screenshots of the HomeAgain pet microchip scam

I began taking screenshots of the my pet’s microchip registration with Found Animals because HomeAgain keeps manipulating their records so that “their registration” comes up first which can ultimately hamper my efforts in being reunited with my previous “baby” should he become lost.

I am so utterly disgusted at the tactics that I felt it was my duty to warn others of the HomeAgain microchip scam.

I have been keeping track and here is the latest entry.

The last time I checked was 10-7 and I saw that HomeAgain had again manipulated the record.

I am checking the registry today 11-19.

It’s ironic that I thought about it today because that’s the date that HomeAgain has again manipulated their records.

Home Again microchip scam.  Don't use them. See proof.
Home Again updated their registration on 11-19-13 for a pet that is NOT registered to them.

I have gone into my pets microchip information and updated it.  Here is the screenshot:

HomeAgain microchipping is a scam and they manipulate their records
Screenshot after I updated my information in Found Animals pet registry. Notice that found animals name is now on top.

I will keep posting screenshots each time HomeAgain manipulates their information.

I checked the microchip today, 11-20-13 and guess what, the manipulators at HomeAgain have yet again updated the microchip registry for a dog that is not registered to them.

Check it out.

HomeAgain microchip scam. Don't use HomeAgain
HomeAgain has again manipulated their records.

Here is the records after I updated the record at Found Animals.  Notice that the Found Animals entry is now on top.

HomeAgain pet microchipping is a scam. Don't use HomeAgain.As you can see from the entry above, I had gone into the system at FoundAnimals and updated my information because on 11-20-13, HomeAgain again manipulated the database.

I made my entry shortly after midnight so the the date that the change took is 11-21-13.

It is now 6:20 p.m. on 11-22-13 and I checked the database .

HomeAgain again manipulated the database in under 18 hours from when I updated my records.

Here’s the screen shot.

Home Again micro chip.  Don't use HomeAgain.
Proof of HomeAgain updated information on a pet that is not registered with them.

I have updated my record at FoundAnimals and here is the screenshot with my entry on top.HomeAgain microchip scam proof

I have contacted FoundAnimals to see if they are able to block HomeAgain from manipulating my pet’s records and will keep readers apprised.