HomeAgain microchip scam prevents pet owners from finding their pets

Yes it’s true, HomeAgain is penalizing consumers who do not register their pets with them.

Their “penalty” for not registering your pet with them could very well result in your pet not being returned to you and possibly even your pets death.

HomeAgain has absolutely no reason to update their records for an unregistered microchip, yet, as you can clearly see by reading through this website, they do.

This deplorable practice can prevent a responsible pet owner from being reunited with their pet.

Let’s say my little furry baby gets lost and the person that find him checks the AAHA registry. Naturally they will contact the listing that pops up first on the list, since it had the most recent date. Right?

HomeAgain keeps updating microchip records for pets that have a HomeAgain microchip but whose owners have exercised their right to register their microchip elsewhere.

This underhanded tactic ensures that the HomeAgain entry shows up first and they will likely be called if my pet is found.

The problem with that is that your precious pet is registered with a different registry and that entry should come up first.

By employing these dirty tactics, rescuers are going to contact HomeAgain since, on the surface, it looks like your pet is registered with HomeAgain.

And what do you think HomeAgain will tell them?

They will tell the person that calls that the pet is not registered with them because the pet owner was an irresponsible so and so who failed to register their pet even though the pet is registered.

That very action taken by HomeAgain could mean the difference between life and death for you pet.

All because you choose not to do business with them.

Shelters have to make very difficult life and death decisions daily and a pet that does not have current microchip info, or doesn’t according to HomeAgain, is at risk of being euthanized if they are old, ill or otherwise deemed unadoptable.

The rescuers are not going to get through to you or the registry that you registered with because HomeAgain is updating records for HomeAgain microchips that are not registered to them.

Sadly, this probably occurs far more often than we know about.

Who knows how many  animals that were turned in to shelters or vets have been killed because their owners were unable to be located due to HomeAgain’s manipulation of the records..

Let that sink in.  Your pet could be put to death if you opt to register your pets microchip elsewhere due to the pure and simple greed of HomeAgain.

HomeAgain will put your pets at risk so that they can fudge the numbers to make more money.

How utterly heartbreaking.

HomeAgain also uses that skewed information to convince shelters and vets that they need their service.

Read on to gain a better understanding of another facet of the HomeAgain microchip scam.

Typical example of HomeAgain microchip scam

Let’s say that HomeAgain has a total of five pet microchips that they provided to one shelter and that all five of the animals get adopted.

Let’s further say that 40% of the pet parents decide to use another company for their pet microchip.

That means that 60% of the pet parents register with HomeAgain and 40% do not. In other words, three people register with HomeAgain and two do not.

The folks behind the HomeAgain microchip scam will harass the two pet parents who did not sign up for their service by updating their registration records continually.

Now if one or both of the pet parents who decided to register with another company are separated from their animal, there is a good chance that they will not be reunited with their pet.  Worse their pet might be euthanized due to deplorable practices of HomeAgain.

The HomeAgain microchip registration entry will show up first pretty much nullifying the entry of the responsible pet owner who simply decided to register elsewhere.

Then HomeAgain will combine statistics to present to other shelters and say that 40% of pet owners never register their microchip.

As you can see in the example above, that is simply not true.

Far from it.

The numbers were manipulated by HomeAgain.

They will use this erroneous information in order to convince shelters and vets to use their service.

And likely ply them with free goods to make their pitch more attractive all the while telling them what a great service they are providing because so many people fail to register pet microchips.

The truth is that many of those pets might really be registered in a pet microchip registry but if they are not registered with HomeAgain and had the misfortune of having a HomeAgain microchip implanted, HomeAgain will update the records superseding the owners records.

HomeAgain then compiles information on all of the HomeAgain microchips out there, whether or not they are “registered” and use those inflated numbers as a marketing tool to get more shelters and vets to sign up with them.

There is no such things as unregistered HomeAgain microchips.  All HomeAgain microchips are maintained in their database and are “registered” to them.

That’s how the HomeAgain microchip scam works.

In addition to trying to force consumers to use their use service, they are actually responsible for hindering pet parents from being reunited with their babies.

Who knows how many hundreds or even thousands of animals have been euthanized due to the unethical , underhanded and deceptive practices of HomeAgain!

There’s no way of telling at this point but given the magnitude of their operation, it is probably very significant.

The greedy folks behind the HomeAgain microchip scam are contributing to the very cause they proclaim to advocate and they must be stopped!

  • Jordan

    This is simply baseless conjecture. It does not matter who your pets microchips are registered with! HomeAgain comes up first because each microchipping company has a unique alpha-numeric code, and microchips starting with 985 are always made by HomeAgain. AAHA pulls it up first because it’s LIKELY that the company you bought the chip from is the one you’re registered with. But if you call HomeAgain and it’s not registered with them, they will tell you who it’s registered with: “That microchip seems to be registered with Found Again, here’s their phone number.” As a veterinary worker and humane society volunteer, this happens constantly and with a variety of different companies: 24Hour PetWatch chips that are registered with PetLink, Found Again chips that are registered through HomeAgain, ect. It’s simply not a big deal. And, again, as an employee in animal care, reuniting animals with owners can make an awful day/week/month into the reason you wake up tomorrow morning: we will call as many companies as it takes to get an animal home! This all seems to stem from your experience adopting a dog that had a microchip. The fact is that it probably had already been microchipped by the previous owner who abandoned the dog or didn’t update their information on the microchip: if you change your phone number but don’t reflect that in your microchip registry, it doesn’t help! That’s why it couldn’t be registered online: because it had been previously registered, and of course the company isn’t just going to change it without proof from someone that you’ve legitimately adopted the dog. I would be very alarmed if someone could just take my dog from my home or yard, go to an office and scan it for the number, and change my information to theirs! No one is forcing anyone to sign up for the $18 membership, and no one is being penalized for not using it.

    • JD Law

      It is her personal experience, and she is entitled to share it.

      I have had the SAME experience, with brand new microchips that I PAID for.
      Suddenly you find yourself besieged with emails from Home Again wanting more money.
      Pet owners should follow up – for the safety of their own pets. I was shocked when I discovered Home Again claimed my microchip was theirs, but that I had never bothered to provide them the contact information.
      Liars! I have the paperwork, and I reported them to my Vet who gets a lot of freebies from this company for selling their microchips.

      Now those microchips are miraculously registered.

      But I microchipped another pet two weeks ago, and – YOU GUESSED IT – they pulled the same thing again. Hopefully if enough of us complain of our experiences, this company will cease this deplorable behavior.

      There is NOTHING wrong about sharing one’s own personal experience. There is something very wrong when people post ad hominem attacks, however. The author’s experiences are HER EXPERIENCES. You have no right to attack what she has experienced.

    • TMC

      Thank you, Jordan! It’s nice to see a fellow person from the veterinary field comment about the whole idiocy of this. Did it never occur to her that the pet was chipped before it got to the shelter, or that perhaps the shelter put the chip into their name, or that the shelter trying to be helpful, enrolled the chip for her? No, that makes too much sense. It’s got to be some sort of big conspiracy by HomeAgain! And, by her own admission, she burned up HomeAgain’s phone lines demanding details and refused to give them the microchip number, how exactly where they supposed to answer her question of how the chip was enrolled, by ESP? No wonder they hung up on her!

  • PeteNice

    This site needs to be very careful before it finds itself sued.

    • JD Law

      For speaking the truth about her experience? Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the Constitution.

      And why are you threatening her anyway? Deplorable.

      • TMC

        Did you actually read the “Take Action” page? It’s practically begging for someone to send a cease and desist, or to contact the host of this blog and get it shut down.

  • mitzicantley

    I had home again chips put in by paying two diff shelters and myself registering them via mailing app. No problem..I even later adopted out a chipped foster and called the change in three times and it STILL shows I’m the owner and current address and as requested to send adopters an app they still haven’t even after I relinquished the pet with their new info.I just adopted from a shelter and tried to add a pet on home again site to my current acct and it said number already registered but the shelter had put a sticker on my paper mail in app with a different pets name I found out after calling home again
    .the number was for a dog n I had a cat..well when I looked on the official pet I’d tag it read numbers diff then the Id sticker on paper app the shelter gave me ,but once I told the TAGS number to home again co..my tag numbers DID match up with my pet and the shelter had ALREADY registered the Id number and her name for safety measures ,and via phone my pet was added to my acct and contact info and corilated with my online accts.seems the SHELTER errored in putting the sticker with another dogs chip Id numbers on MY PAPER mail in app to send in to register..I’ve never had any problems with home again except having to repeatidly request renewed apps be mailed to me in a row and sending new adoption owners an updating app as the new owners

  • JD Law

    I continue to have the same experience with this company. If you don’t pay the $19.95 annual fee, your pet might suddenly become “unregistered”, although H.A.’s Veterinary information pages (for Veterinary offices) clearly state their registrations are for life, and will NOT expire, and that no one has to pay an additional annual fee.

    This “business” of telling the Veterinary offices one thing, and then they tell the individual pet owners they have to pay an annual fee, on every pet every year, is a very disturbing practice.