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Positive proof of the Home Again Microchip scam

Let’s say that you decide not to register with HomeAgain and instead opt to register your pets microchip with another organization.

If you do, you will see firsthand the completely deceptive practices that HomeAgain employs.

The best way to illustrate is with a real-world example.

I’ve owned pets for years and used HomeAgain. I have an account with them.

When I adopted my latest shelter dog, Fonzi, less than two months ago, I went into my online HomeAgain account and tried to add in my new dog.

Fonzi adopted dog and victim of HomeAgain microchip scam
Fonzi, adopted August 2013.

I was unable to and was prompted to call them because the microchip number was already registered.

HomeAgain microchip scam – microchip is already registered

Registered?  How can that be? I thought the microchip was unregistered unless and until I registered it.

That’s what HomeAgain claims and that’s what the shelter claimed too.

The real reason I could not add my newest animal to my account was because I was part of the old HomeAgain business model, which meant I only paid a one-time fee, therefore I could not add my newest furry addition to my profile.

I tried a few times and kept receiving a prompt that my animal was already registered and that I should call them.

I have no issue paying to register the microchip my pet yet I was unable to do so unless I called and agreed to buy a membership.

How could my pet already be registered if, as the shelter and HomeAgain claim, no pet is registered until you pay their membership fee?

I searched and finally found an email link but knew I’d be even more irritated if I spent my time writing a lengthy email only to be told to call and I did not want to deal with some high pressure telephone salesperson trying to sell me a bunch of services, better known as “a membership”  that I did not want or need. (I did call them eventually and they hung up on me)

As a responsible pet owner, I simply wanted to register my pets microchip.

Disgusted with their tactics, I decided to register my pet elsewhere.

FoundAnimals non-profit microchip registry

After much research, I selected  Found Animals, a wonderful private, non-profit organization that offers a free microchip registry.

I registered my newest dog the day I adopted him, 8-25-13, and while I was completing the registration process, I added in my older dog baby who is already registered with Home Again.

Phoebe, a beautiful miniature schnauzer adopted in 2007.
Phoebe, adopted in 2007

The process was smooth and I felt very confident because FoundAnimals also has a link to the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup, which is what most shelters, vets and consumers use (or should) to access the microchip database.

When I was done, I entered my pets microchip number into the AAHA look-up and could clearly see that my pet was registered with Found Animals.

Strangely though, there were two entries. The first one was FoundAnimals and HomeAgain was listed second.

If my pet is not registered with Home Again, why is it even showing up?

Although I wondered why the HomeAgain entry was showing up and I must admit my inner voice was screaming that something was not right, I did not give it too much deep thought.

Since most people checking the registry will contact the first entry that comes up and since FoundAnimals, where I chose to register, was the first entry and had the most current information, I was satisfied.

My pet was registered and in the event he got lost, I could rest assured knowing that if someone found him and entered his microchip number into the AAHA look-up tool, we’d be reunited.

About a week later I checked the AAHA look-up again because I just wanted to make sure all was in order.

To my surprise, HomeAgain had updated their record and their entry was showing first.

Why would they update the record of an animal that hasn’t been registered with them?  Why?

I did not register with them so what purpose would they have to update a record that is supposedly not even registered with them in the first place.

It really did make me wonder exactly what HomeAgain was up to and truthfully, at that point, I had a very bad feeling.

For good measure, I updated my record at FoundAnimals again and made a mental note to check it again.

A little over a week later, I checked it again and the same thing happened.

HomeAgain again updated the microchip record of an animal that I did not register with them and their entry was again showing first.

I updated my record again and verified though the AAHA look-up that my entry was coming up first.

This happened a number of times since 8-25-13 and it was really starting to bother me.

My newest addition had only been with me for a month at that point.

I did not feel comfortable registering my pet with HomeAgain and since I didn’t why were they updating their record so that their entry would supersede mine?

I finally became so irked that I started taking screen shots.

You can see by this screenshot below that HomeAgain once again updated their record on 9-26-13.

On 9-26-13, I owned my pet for one month and one day and HomeAgain had updated their record at least four times.

There is absolutely no reason for this. Or should I say no legitimate reason for this since my pet is not registered with them!

I went back into my account at the FoundAnimals the very same day and updated my record and, after I updated my entry, the FoundAnimals entry is on top where it should be.

Here’s the screenshot.

Home Again microchip scam proof 1

At this point, I knew that the many complaints I had read about the HomeAgain microchip scam were most likely true and I made another note to check the microchip records again.

On 10-5-13, I checked the AAHA microchip look-up tool again and found that HomeAgain updated their record that very day.

What is wrong with these people?

Why on earth is HomeAgain updating records on a animal that is not registered with them?

The reason is because the HomeAgain microchip scam is alive and well.

Note the HomeAgain entry on top dated 10-5-13 and my entry at FoundAnimals on 9-26-13 beneath it.

Home Again microchip scam screenshots proof 2.

Again I updated my profile at FoundAnimals.

Here is a screen shot after I updated my record on 10-5-13.

Note that the FoundAnimals entry is on top. As it should be.

HomeAgain microchip scam is very far reaching and targets consumers.

I became so disturbed by the HomeAgain microchip scam and the business tactics they employ that I felt that I had to warn others so I spent quite a few hours creating this website.

In the process of obtaining useful links to pass along to readers, I decided to check the AAHA Microchip registry again, just days later, and was simply floored to discover that HomeAgain updated their records for an animal that is not registered to them just TWO DAYS LATER.

What is going on here?

My pet is registered and HomeAgain keeps updating the entry so that they will be called first.

This is just not right.

Actually it is unbelievable and 100% proof positive of the HomeAgain microchip scam.

Here’s the database entry for 10-7-13.  The unprofessional folks at HomeAgain updated their records again so that their entry would show up on top.

HomeAgain microchip scam tries to bully consumers into using their service.

I then went into my account at Found Animals and updated the record.

Here is that screenshot.

HomeAgain microchip scam screenshots clearly depict the unethical tacticsa that HoneAgain uses

Why would HomeAgain update a record numerous times when there is no record to update?

Remember my newest furry friend is not registered with HomeAgain.

It’s very clear exactly what HomeAgain is up to.

Still, I thought it was important to do some further checking to confirm what I already knew.

I contacted them and could not obtain any information from them.

The salesperson wanted the microchip number which I was not about to give them. I simply wanted info.  They refused.

Could it be possible that HomeAgain continually updates their database for all animals that have a HomeAgain microchip implanted, whether or not they are registered with HomeAgain, and I was simply overreacting?

Maybe. But highly doubtful.

I decided to check the records on my older senior dog who is registered with both HomeAgain and FoundAnimals.

I had opted to register the microchip of my older dog baby with FoundAnimals when I registered my dog that I adopted in August.

Since both dogs are on my profile with FoundAnimals, anytime I update the profile, all of my pets entries are updated.

Here’s the screenshot of my older dog.

HomeAgain Microchip scam harassess consumers

Now isn’t this interesting and quite telling.

The last time the HomeAgain record was updated was 11-25-12. That is the date that I accessed the HomeAgain records to remove one of my pets who passed away.

HomeAgain did not feel the need to update that entry.  In fact, they have never updated it –  presumably because I paid them a registration fee.

They did not feel the need to go into the record daily and change it so that it shows up on top.


It’s quite obvious that HomeAgain is only updating records of those Microchips that are HomeAgain microchips but not registered ($$$) with them by consumers.

How utterly underhanded and appalling!

I called HomeAgain one more time and again refused to provide the microchip numbers but I summarized the above scenario and asked why they were only updating records of animals that had a HomeAgain microchip but whose owners elected to register their pets in another registry.

I gave the representative quite an earful but he was not interested in anything other than selling me a membership.

He tried to deny the underhanded tactics they use and then I told them about my other pet and how that record was untouched.

I asked him why.

The representative became annoyed and refused to put me through to someone in marketing or to a supervisor, as I had requested, and eventually hung up on me.

So much for customer service.

As I finish writing this, it is now, 10-8-13, and I checked the AAHA look-up and I am utterly and totally appalled. And pissed!

HomeAgain updated their record, just hours after I updated mine.

Why on earth would they do that?

What is wrong with them?

Since it looks like this is going to be daily occurrence, I will create one single page that lists, with screen shots, showing the continual changes that they make to their record for a pet that is unregistered to them.

The HomeAgain microchip scam must be stopped!

Keep reading though this website and you see how it can even kill your pet.