More screenshots of the HomeAgain pet microchip scam

I began taking screenshots of the my pet’s microchip registration with Found Animals because HomeAgain keeps manipulating their records so that “their registration” comes up first which can ultimately hamper my efforts in being reunited with my previous “baby” should he become lost.

I am so utterly disgusted at the tactics that I felt it was my duty to warn others of the HomeAgain microchip scam.

I have been keeping track and here is the latest entry.

The last time I checked was 10-7 and I saw that HomeAgain had again manipulated the record.

I am checking the registry today 11-19.

It’s ironic that I thought about it today because that’s the date that HomeAgain has again manipulated their records.

Home Again microchip scam.  Don't use them. See proof.
Home Again updated their registration on 11-19-13 for a pet that is NOT registered to them.

I have gone into my pets microchip information and updated it.  Here is the screenshot:

HomeAgain microchipping is a scam and they manipulate their records
Screenshot after I updated my information in Found Animals pet registry. Notice that found animals name is now on top.

I will keep posting screenshots each time HomeAgain manipulates their information.

I checked the microchip today, 11-20-13 and guess what, the manipulators at HomeAgain have yet again updated the microchip registry for a dog that is not registered to them.

Check it out.

HomeAgain microchip scam. Don't use HomeAgain
HomeAgain has again manipulated their records.

Here is the records after I updated the record at Found Animals.  Notice that the Found Animals entry is now on top.

HomeAgain pet microchipping is a scam. Don't use HomeAgain.As you can see from the entry above, I had gone into the system at FoundAnimals and updated my information because on 11-20-13, HomeAgain again manipulated the database.

I made my entry shortly after midnight so the the date that the change took is 11-21-13.

It is now 6:20 p.m. on 11-22-13 and I checked the database .

HomeAgain again manipulated the database in under 18 hours from when I updated my records.

Here’s the screen shot.

Home Again micro chip.  Don't use HomeAgain.
Proof of HomeAgain updated information on a pet that is not registered with them.

I have updated my record at FoundAnimals and here is the screenshot with my entry on top.HomeAgain microchip scam proof

I have contacted FoundAnimals to see if they are able to block HomeAgain from manipulating my pet’s records and will keep readers apprised.

  • TMC

    This ‘proof’ is laughable! HomeAgain, nor any other chip company for that matter, doesn’t have the ability to “manipulate” the lookup database, it’s run entirely by AAHA, the “American Animal Hospital Association.” It’s an entirely separate entity. You ought to start up a new blog about how AAHA is allegedly a scam too!

    • Felix

      You talk about something you do not understand. What AAHA is doing is querying various databases (including homeagain) and bring the list of found records in the order that most updated record will be shown first. As Home Again update their record every day, they will always be the first in that list !

      • JD Law

        Felix, you are correct. Whenever you register with a microchip registry, they update to that AAHA site. The AAHA is striving to provide the most accurate information on that microchipped pet, of course. The AAHA is NOT doing ANYTHING sinister. However, for some reason, Home Again will pop in and override this, putting themselves in the #1 spot. It is very strange, but I have experienced this myself! (Yes I took screenshots!) The AAHA is merely trying to maintain the most accurate database of information, for the benefit of all the owners and their pets. Why Home Again pops in, without permission from the pet owner, and puts themselves in the #1 registration position (bouncing the pet owner’s choice of registry company to the second spot)…is most bizarre.

        • TMC

          Felix, you are not correct. Like I already posted. HomeAgain has no ability whatsoever to do anything to the AAHA database. It’s separate entity not run by any microchip or pharmaceutical company. The chip number is entered and the programs scans each database to determine whom the chip is enrolled with, and the last time an update was made in that database.

          • JD Law

            I am not Felix. You replied to the wrong person.

  • JD Law

    Somehow, they do. I just checked mine. I haven’t paid the $19.95 fee per pet that Home Alone continues to harass me for…..yet on two animals they keep putting themselves on top of their registry – the one I did register with.

    And – they REMOVED three of my pets. They aren’t listed anywhere. When I called in with their microchip numbers, I was told they were “expired”, and that H.A. had no contact information for me. Yet, they tell my Vet that my pets’ registration is for life, and that people don’t need to pay the additional $19.95 per year. Untrue! If any of the three pets that H.A. removed from their database get lost, and H.A. is contacted, H.A. will tell them what they told me – “EXPIRED INFO” (even though none of my contact info has never changed). And a shelter might euthanize them. That is not “laughable”, whatsoever. TMC, please tell your friends/employer there at Merck this is truly unconscionable.

    • TMC

      Yes, this is laughable to me, because I work in the veterinary field and deal with HomeAgain (as well as other chip registries) on almost a daily basis, and most of what is being posted here is conjecture and flat out untruths. By your own admission JD Law, HomeAgain is contacting you about renewing the $20/Year plan plan. So, they clearly do have your info on file, or you wouldn’t know that they were contacting you. Yet, you’re saying that they removed your pets from their database because you’ve expired. That’s a total contradiction right there. You’ve also stated that your vet told you that you don’t have to pay the annual fee to remain in their system. I know for a fact that this is also true. So, not only is HomeAgain allegedly lying to you, but so is your vet?

      And no, it wouldn’t be “laughable” if your pet were euthanized by a shelter, it’d be a horrible thing. But, it wouldn’t be HomeAgain’s fault. If the shelter scans the chip and contacts them for your info, HomeAgain would give it to them. I know because I’ve made that phone call hundreds upon hundreds of times, and not once has anyone told me that they can’t give me info because the owner didn’t pay. They will warn me that it might be outdated, since it was last updated years ago and the address is a different state, but they’ve never refused to give info.

      • JD Law

        You are confused, TMC. “Home Again” has my email and they continue to use it; I have no control over that. They send me e-mails saying that my pets’ registration has expired, and no I am not paying another $20 per year.

        My pets are registered with another company. I do not appreciate your joking about it being “laughable” if they were euthanized. They are chipped and registered. Your comments are offensive and egregious.

        I also never said my Vet lying to me. How ridiculous you are being! You must work for Home Again?

        • TMC

          I’ve already stated that I work in the veterinary field. I do not work for HomeAgain. I do have firsthand experience dealing with HomeAgain, as well as AVID, 24 PetWatch, AKC, etc.

          And good of you to completely miss every point that I’ve made. You said that HomeAgain “removed” your pets. But, they clearly didn’t. If HomeAgain didn’t have your pets listed, they wouldn’t be contacting you about renewing. I already stated that it wouldn’t be “laughable” if your pet were euthanized. But, what is “laughable” is this so-called proof the person who started this site has that HomeAgain is somehow manipulating the microchip lookup site, which they aren’t and have no ability to do. No microchip or pharmecutical company can do that. You also stated that you vet told you that you didn’t have to renew to be registered. This is true, but you stated it was untrue. Hence: my sarcastic comment that asked if your vet was lying to you.