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HomeAgain microchip scam info

Having your pet microchipped is supposed to be a good thing, and it is, just as long as you are knowledgeable, and don’t become another victim of the HomeAgain microchip scam.

Responsible pet owners want to make sure that their precious “babies” are microchipped.

It’s important and it would be really terrific if the system worked universally but corporate greed had gotten in the way.

More specifically the greed of HomeAgain.

The whole idea behind having your pet microchipped is that in the event you and your pet become separated, the implanted microchip will allow you to be reunited.

Great concept but that it is not as easy as it seems.

Exposing the HomeAgain microchip scam

Sometimes you come across something that really bothers you because it is just so wrong and you know you have to do something about it.

That’s how I feel about the HomeAgain microchip scam and that’s why this website was created.

The purpose of this website is to:

This website will provide you with information you need so that you can better protect your pet if he or she is lost and not have to worry about HomeAgain interfering with your efforts and even hampering the return of your precious furry family member.

The frightening truth is that the HomeAgain microchip scam can result in your pets death.

Overview of the HomeAgain microchip scam

It’s important that animal lovers are aware of the Home Again microchip scam.

At one time the HomeAgain name was synonymous with pet microchipping and they offered a fantastic service enabling pet owners to locate their animals.

Pet parents paid a one-time fee and their pets microchip was registered.

If someone found a lost pet who had a microchip, the microchip was scanned and read, the pet parents were contacted and everyone was happy.

HomeAgain microchip scam: What you need to know

As other companies entered into the pet microchip business and technology improved, HomeAgain no longer had a monopoly on the microchip market.

That did not make them happy and they likely held a number of brainstorming sessions to formulate a strategy that would enable their business to continue to thrive, even in the face of competition and even at the expense of the pets themselves .

They changed their business model and now employ a number of questionable business practices in an attempt to control the pet micro chip industry.

The new, and certainly not improved, HomeAgain is aimed at cultivating businesses, namely pet shelters and veterinarian offices, by providing them with thousands of dollars of free products in an effort to force consumers to purchase their service.

Their goal is to have every pet at every shelter microchipped before you even adopt a pet with a HomeAgain microchip.

Here is how they market to businesses,

New HomeAgain clinics will be offered an introductory price of $750 (a $1,349 value) for two cartons of Universal WorldChip™ microchips and one Universal WorldScan™ Reader. For every 25 HomeAgain enrollments, clinics will receive a free carton of microchips. With continued enrollments at that level, it is possible to never have to pay for microchips again. Animal shelters should call 1-888-HomeAgain for information on discounted shelter pricing.

The statement above is crystal clear.

HomeAgain makes their money off of consumers.

That is how they can afford to provide thousands of dollars in free merchandise to the shelters and vets.

If that’s not bad enough, they utilize very unethical and deceptive practices that can hinder your efforts in locating your pet if you decide to register your pets microchip elsewhere.

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