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Pet Microchip registries

There are a number of Microchip registries that you can choose to register your pet with.

Pet owners might think that the more services they register to the better but that is not the case.

Remember, people are mainly going to look at the first entry that comes up. Sure, there are some people that will go over and above and call everyone listed, however, with shelter staff often overwhelmed, it is doubtful that they will have the time to contact all the registries.

There are multiple databases out there with each company touting their own as the best.

Unless they are a participating business with the AAHA, the microchip used and the registry can be virtually useless.

It is my opinion that Found Animals is an excellent pet microchip registry. That is who I use and will continue to use.

They offer their service for free, because they are a non-profit and if you want to donate to their great mission, there is a link on their site.

Whichever company you do decide upon, consider selecting a company that participates in the AAHA service since it increases your chances of finding your beloved pet if lost.

As the  pet microchip matured, HomeAgain was faced with lots of competition.

Some organizations, such as FoundAnimals, truly have the best of interests of pets in mind, while other companies are hoping to claim their share of the profits in the very lucrative pet microchip business and simply mimic the Home Again microchip scam model in order to make money.

The registries listed here participate in the AAHA look-up service. That’s a good thing but it’s not everything.

The participating entities are subject to change and you can check the current status of participating recovery and microchipping services directly for the most updated information.

  • FoundAnimals (free)
  • AKC Unite.  One-time registration fee.
  • EIDAP.  One-time registration fee and an additional charge to add a photo of your pet.
  • InfoPet.  One-time registration fee.  Reduced fee for additional pets.
  • Microchip I.D. Solutions. Have to order chip (approximately $15) and then pet owner receives free lifetime registration.
  • Petkey. Multiple fees from $15 year up to over a  hundred.  Site design is not very clear.  Reminds me of HomeAgain.
  • Petlink. One time registration fee.
  • Save this Life. One time registration fee. No fee for Save this Life microchips.
  • SmartTag Microchip. Confusing. They sell dog tags and a pet notification service if your animal is lost.  There is  a microchip service that is offered to vets and shelters only and the cost to register is a one-time fee of $7.00.  Seems like a decent service

If there are any other registries that readers recommend, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.